Interviews with @PromoGirlJaime
Name of Band: Anti-Flag
Current Lineup: Justin Sane, Chris #2 (Chris Barker), Chris Head, Pat Thetic
Hometown(s): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Formed: 1988 (named the band in ’88, didn’t play the first show until
’93… just for clarity sake)
Genre(s): Punk
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1.  It’s an interesting pairing, with you & Reel Big Fish on this tour.  Tell us how that came about?
Honestly we’ve been friends for a long time. Countless warped tours, other festival run ins. But really never thought about it until the anniversary of the records coincided. It’s working really well. We have very similar work ethics, and our audiences get along super well.


2. Being a politically active band, has the current state of American politics added any more fuel to the fire during your live performances?
A: Obviously. Trump and his cabinet of Wall Street corprocrats have gone head first into rolling regulations back, putting profit before people, before the environment. And quite frankly even folks that voted for Mr. Trump are becoming disillusioned. This has lead to some really important and frequent discourse on this tour at the shows.


3. It’s the 20th Anniversary of your record Die For The Government. Two decades after the release of your debut album, does the music and the message still resonate with the band the same way it did in 1996?
A: Unfortunately a lot of the record is apropos. A song like “fuck police brutality” resonates too well in the face of the police in America killing 2 people per day in 2016.


4. Of all the great tracks on Die For The Government, what song is still your favorite to perform and why?
A: That’s interesting. Probably ‘Die for the Government,’ the song itself. It always works. No matter where or how we play it people connect with the idea that too often good men and women are used for corporate gain via war only to have the government turn its back on them when they come home. That message of championing empathy seems to resonate with folks from all walks of life.


5. I know it’s only been a year and a half since American Spring was released, but is the band currently working any new material?
A: Slowly. We want to be calculated in our response to 2017 American politics. Less knee jerk reactionary more focused with answers and questions that will move us towards our constant end goals of social, economic and environmental justice.


Thank you SO much for your time and can’t wait to see you at The Marquee on February 4th!
A: Thank you! Please say hello at the show!!


Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts