Alter Bridge

Name of Band: Alter Bridge
Current Lineup: Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, Scott Phillips
Hometown(s): Orlando, Florida
Formed: 2004
Genre(s): Rock
Show Date:  Saturday February 18th at The Marquee Theatre, Tempe AZ

@PromoGirlJaime: Your new album is called, The Last Hero, who specifically are some of your heroes and tell us more about the heroes theme that runs throughout the record

Brian Marshall: Over the course of my life my view of who I consider a hero has changed.  It used to be rock stars and athletes. Today I reflect back on the people that had an impact on my life and consider the ones that give freely of their time and energy to better the life of another as a true modern hero.

The heroes theme started to come about once the lyrics started to fall in place during our writing sessions prior to recording the album. Myles is the source of that content but as a band we discuss recent events and happenings that hit home and the need for selfless heroes in our midst to combat it.


@PromoGirlJaime: On your webpage it says, “Lyrically, it (The Last Hero) definitely reflects the frustration a lot of people are feeling with the current state of the world.”  Are there any underlying political themes on the new record?

Brian Marshall: No. Like everyone else, we all slightly differ in our political views and we prefer not paint ourself in a corner but rather leave room for thought and discussion. As far as frustration, yes. In my opinion, we were left with a few of the most disliked Presidential candidates in history to choose from! How did that happen!?


@PromoGirlJaime: It’s been a few years since Fortress was released.  Describe the difference between that record and your new record The Last Hero.

Brian Marshall: I’d say the process was a bit different. This album was written more in the moment over the course of around five weeks whereas in our previous efforts, the writing took place individually or on the road in sound checks and hotel rooms.


@PromoGirlJaime: With all of the solo projects, how hard is it to come together to do new music for Alter Bridge?

Brian Marshall: Lots of advance planning and communication.


@PromoGirlJaime: For those who have never heard your music or seen you live, can you explain  what they can expect to see and hear at The Marquee Theatre on February 18th?

Brian Marshall: A variety of Alter Bridge songs from all five of our albums being performed very loudly. Myles will most certainly try to tell jokes and fall flat. Mark will bang his head, give thousands of rock facial expression and melt faces with his screaming guitar. Flip will sweat the most but his fills and timing are impeccable. And me.. well I’ll once again be creating the excellence of the band commonly known as the thunder! 🙂


Thanks so much for your time and we will see you at The Marquee Theatre on Saturday February 18th!


Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts