Authority Zero

Interviews with @PromoGirlJaime
Name of Band: Authority Zero
Current Lineup: Jason DeVore, Mike Spero, Dan Aid, Chris Dalley
Hometown(s): Mesa, Arizona
Formed: 1994
Genre(s): Punk/Rock/Reggae
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1.  What’s the name of the new album and what was it like recording the new album at The Blasting Room with the legendary Bill Stevenson?
 Jason: That in itself is a fantastic question Jaime! We’ve got a list twice as long as the song listings themselves and keep going back and forth on our favorite which happens every time. When you’ve got one shot that lasts an eternity it makes you sometimes second guess yourself. Very close to finalizing though! The experience at The Blasting Room was just amazing. The talent and quality of performance that Bill Stevenson and their entire crew put into a record is just awesome to watch and be a part of. They work around the clock and are such a fully functioning machine like something I’ve never seen nor experienced. Working with Bill personally as a singer and songwriter was something to remember and a learning experience. We both clicked right out of the gate and learned how each other worked very quickly. We did 13 hour straight vocal days for five total and in the end came out of there with 15 songs. I recommend if any groups out there get a chance to give The Blasting Room a run.
2. How was Bill’s approach to recording the band different from working with your past producers like Ryan Greene?
Jason: Every producer has their own individual talents and has for me personally brought something completely different to the table to add to the Authority Zero catalogue. Ryan is very much so and renowned for his drum technique, drum sounds, and just being a rad dude, friend, and producer all around. I think what was a bit different about our experience as a whole with this record at the Blasting Room was each of us kind of had our own specialized engineer (again a full team) that we each had worked with. Andrew worked with Mike and Dan on the guitar and bass licks and tones, Jason Livermore did all the drums and drum patterns with Chris, and Bill had just finished up a Decendants tour in South America to make it back just in time to work with me and the fellas on vocals. Interesting enough with Bill being a renowned and legendary drummer, he is very well known with recording for his song writing and singing abilities and that shown through. Just over all it was an amazing and memorable experience for us all and very proud of the work put it and coming out of there.
3. What can fans of Authority Zero expect from the new release and how does it differ from past releases?
Jason: I would say to expect a great deal of the old, the new, and to forget all that you thought you knew. Haha, we really covered a lot of ground on this album and were very honest in many ways. We have re-written this album twice over and feel very good about where it ended up to make it the way it should be at this point in our career. Didn’t hold back much if at all and did it because we loved it and were collectively in a good place.
4. Why did you decide to include more ska and reggae on this particular release?
Jason: Not sure we really decided to or not rather than it just came about as it had more in the past. Like I say we were feeding off of each other, writing naturally, and genuinely excited and feeling good with how each song was developing. The more excited we got, the more natural everything was feeling and we chose very strongly to not over think and roll with those automatic feelings.
5. How do you think the new songs you created in the studio will translate live onstage?
Jason: I think BRILLIANTLY and VERY high energy between the audience and ourselves.
6. I was fortunate enough to hear some of the demos for this album and have so many favorites already like ‘When We Rule The World’ and ‘Broadcast.’  Can you tell me the story behind one of these songs?  Will it be a part of the upcoming live set at The Marquee Theatre on February 11th?
 Jason: Absolutely! We will be performing one of them at the Marquee Theatre show here locally to give hometown a taste on the new record for sure! Possibly at least one for the entire run with our friends from Japan “Hey Smith”. Most likely will be When We Rule The World, but still undecided. The ideology behind that track is really coming from the entire world in many regards feeling we’re safe…we’ve got it all figured out…and ultimately we’re completely in charge and in control of what is going on and what happens in the end with as much as we’ve done, do, and are doing to each other. It’s written in a positive light filled with hope though expresses the dark side and reality.
7. Do you have any idea what the first single will be?
Jason: That could very well be a front-runner!
Thank you so much for your time and can’t wait to see you at The Marquee on February 11th!
Jason: Love ya Jaime!

Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts