G. Love & Special Sauce

Current Lineup: Garrett Dutton (G. Love), Jeffrey Clemens, Jim Prescott
Hometown: Philadelphia
Formed: 1993
Genre(s): Alternative, Blues, Hip Hop
Show Date: Wednesday March 8th at The Marquee Theatre, Tempe AZ

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@PromoGirlJaime:  Your tour is called The Hip Hop Blues Winter Tour.  Who are your biggest hip-hop influences and who are your biggest blues influences?
G. Love:  my biggest Hiphop influences are probably Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, de la soul, Rakim, Cypress Hill and the Pharcyde, and KRS-One. My blues influence starts with John Hammond and Bob Dylan and follows the trail back to John Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins, Fred McDowell, John Hurt, Buddy Guy, Bukka White, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and so many more

@PromoGirlJaime:  G. Love & Special Sauce has been mixing the elements of hip- hop and blues for quite some time.  Tell us how your sound originated.
G. Love: I started off playing folk guitar at a young age. I wrote my first song at 15 and that was a real turning point of really finding an expression. I pursued music fervently after that, which led me to digging the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground. From there I followed the trail back to the blues through a John Hammond record. All the while I was emulating these influences in my songwriting. My style became completely unique when I started to incorporate the hip hop influence of my life into my music. You see I had been a folk singer in my bedroom but I was running around writing graffiti, playing basketball, breakdancing, skateboarding and listening to Hiphop as a city kid in Philly. One day these influences collided with my folk blues and my style of he Hiphop blues was born. It never was planned it never was thought up. That was the city and I was the product. The product of the city I was born and raised in. Philly

@PromoGirlJaime:  You seem like such a natural musician.  If you couldn’t make a living performing music, what do you think you would have done with your life? Were there any other professions growing up you considered?  Ever dream of being a Fireman?
G. Love: I probably would’ve been an English teacher or creative writing teacher. I’ve always loved the process of learning and academia. I was enjoying college for the year I attended Skidmore College. I enjoyed school and I enjoy writing. I had thought that maybe I would be a teacher because of course making it in music is a pipe dream but the passion and the Hustle worked out and the music took off.

@PromoGirlJaime:  I saw on your website that you have written a children’s book.  Tell us about Little Daddies and is the writing process different when you are writing a book versus a song?
G. Love: Well Little Daddies is the only book I’ve published although I’ve have written some chapters on a book about the music business. I also wrote a blog for a while. Songwriting to me should be a truly inspired, knee jerk reaction to life. I take that initial inspiration and let it flood out on to the paper and through the music. After that songs get honed in on, the music and the lyrics get considered very closely. Editing is such an important part of the process of writing and song writing and so the more time we spend on editing the better. However, one must never edit out the sticky to be safe. I’ve found that you should always put yourself out there. Why say something safe when you can say something sticky

@PromoGirlJaime:  Love Saves The Day came out in 2015.  Is there any new music on the horizon for G. Love & Special Sauce?
G. Love: I’m currently working on a new project called JamTown which is a collaboration between myself, Cisco Adler and Donavon Frankenreiter. The three of us got together to make an acoustic BBQ record and ended up with 10 amazing original tunes. The music is wide open, acoustic, jangly and so damn catchy. It’s like we made a hit record without even trying. So Jamtown is something I’m very excited about now and we will be supporting Jack Johnson on some of his summer dates @jamtownband

@PromoGirlJaime:  For someone who’s going to be seeing G. Love & Special Sauce for the first time at The Marquee Theatre on March 8th, what can I expect?
G. Love: A damn good time. We throw down 200 percent all night every night. I think we all three live to be on stage. The band is firing right now and it’s a killer show of all our hits and as many deep cuts as we can play

Thank you SO much for your time and we can’t wait to see you at The Marquee Theatre on Wednesday March 8th!

Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts