Name of Band: HELLYEAH
Current Lineup: Chad Gray, Tom Maxwell, Vinnie Paul, Kyle Sanders, Christian Brady
Hometown(s): Dallas, Texas
Formed: 2006
Genre(s): Heavy Metal
Show Date:  Friday June 2nd at The Marquee Theatre, Tempe AZ

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PromoGirlJaime: How is the latest release, Unden!able different from past Hellyeah albums?  How have the fans reacted since it came out?

HELLYEAH: Hellyeah has really raised the bar for ourselves with Unden!able. It’s really zoned in on where the bands needs to be. It’s very focused. We’re all back to our roots and making music we love. 

It seems to be a fan favorite as well. We’ve gained a lot of new fans with all the touring we’re doing and the fans that have been with us are really embracing the new record. 

PromoGirlJaime: Can you give us the backstory on the Phil Collins cover of  ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ found on this album?

HELLYEAH: It’s crazy….the record was all but finished and we were just sitting around the control room talking songs we’d like to cover some day when Brady mentioned Phil Collins IDCA (I Don’t Care Anymore). Well Vinnie about fell out of his seat saying how he and Dime(bag) back in the Damageplan days had recorded a version of it in hopes of finding a guest vocalist to sing it. Well it never happened and got put on the back burner…for over 10 years!

He dug it up, went through the agonizing process of transferring it to today’s pro tool world and ended up using all of Dime’s leads and rhythm tracks.  Laid down the bass and a little more guitars and let Chad take it and run with it. He nailed the vocals and there ya have it…..Dimebag Darrell loud n proud in 2017!!

PromoGirlJaime: With so many great artists coming together to form HELLYEAH, tell us about the song writing process.  Who brings what to the table during the creative process?

HELLYEAH:  I think this is the first record where the entire band contributed.  It usually starts with Maxwell and VP laying down ideas and we go from there. Tom and my self were in the studio everyday with Kevin hashing out ideas. Brady did a lot of the solos on the record. Vinnie is always in and out of he studio with bigger and better ideas for the songs then it all goes to Chad to put words to melody to song. 

PromoGirlJaime: Are you excited to get back on the road with Korn again for your upcoming European Tour?

HELLYEAH: KORN tour was amazing and great for us. We got in front of people who otherwise may not know anything about us. Big crowds and energetic crowds. We won a lot of folks over on this tour and opened some doors for us when we return.

PromoGirlJaime: In 10 words or less, or using only emojis, describe what people can expect at your LIVE show at The Marquee Theatre on Friday June 2nd.

HELLYEAH:  Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.22.36 AM

Thank You so much for your time and we will see you at The Marquee Theatre on Friday June 2nd!

Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts