Interviews with @PromoGirlJaime
Name of Band: Amaranthe
Current Lineup: Elize Ryd, Olof Mörck, Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, Johan Andreassen, Morten Løwe Sørensen
Hometown(s): Gothenburg, Sweden
Formed: 2008
Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal, Rock
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1.  Maximalism, which was recently nominated in the Swedish Grammy (Grammi) Awards, (Congrats!) is an interesting album title!  Can you explain what it means and why you chose it?
Thank you so insanely much….it really feels like a big and major recognition for us.
The title MAXIMALISM pretty much speaks for itself.  We’ve pushed the boundaries beyond what we have ever done before but proven to ourself and everyone else that we actually could push them further and still keep the AMARANTHE (feel) to it all.
When you hear this album there’s nooooo doubt that it is an Amaranthe album but without repeating ourselves.
 Amaranthe 2017 admat
2.  I’ve read that the band wanted to expand its sound and influences on this latest release.  Tell us about those sounds and influences, and how they shaped the sound of the new record.
It’s simply us sticking to our guns and not letting what people think metal (or metal influenced pop if you like) should sound like…. We never rule out any influence just because they come from a different branch of this wide music tree. It’s when you limit yourself that you won’t evolve!
3.  How do you feel the new songs translate to the live show?
It feels far more better than we could ever imagine….I mean we knew that it would be kicking it but sometimes the live reaction and feeling to some songs isn’t something you can calculate beforehand and it hits you on stage that “ohhh…damn….this is killer” songs!!!
4.  For those who have never heard your music or seen you live, can you explain  what they can expect to see and hear at The Marquee Theatre on February 16th?
You’re gonna see 6 completely different individuals  working together under the same roof to deliver the outmost awesome and killer live show. It will contain everything a killer show shall contain and be prepared for a party! And even if you require a so called “true” metal head, don’t be afraid to let loose and go with the flow….it will be awesome!!
5.  What has life been like in the band since founding member Jake E left to pursue other things?
Of course there’s a strange feeling to it and we’re sad that it came to this but it won’t stop us at all. He had other dreams and things and visions to focus on and if he felt that he couldn’t do Amaranthe justice with all these other focus going on its simply the most respectful and right decision to make. And he will always have mine and the others biggest respect for what he have done with us and for us and we all wish him the best of luck pursuing his dreams…..if there is anyone deserving that it’s him.
But we are AMARANTHE and we do not give up that easy….we will continuing delivering killer shows and release awesome albums…..that’s just how it Is!
Thank you SO much for your time Johan and we can’t wait to see you at The Marquee Theatre on Thursday February 16th!
You are most welcome my friend and we are so damn looking forward coming back to the US with a new fresh show and showing you how it’s done!
Interviewed by: Jaime Seidensticker/@PromoGirlJaime/Lucky Man Concerts